Friday, April 19, 2013

it's the freakin' weekend!*

*my husband says this every weekend and it always garners a little giggle from me. It's the little things, no?

Yay! The weekend is upon us, I'm hoping this rain will finally clear out and we can get some time in the sun this weekend. It's not supposed to be super warm here this weekend, but as you have probably heard the mid-west just got pounded with flood inducing rain and I sure wouldn't mind a day without rain or clouds, regardless of temperatures!

I'll be back on soccer-mom duty this weekend, likely on very wet fields (better than snowy fields like last weekend!) so I'll be sporting some wellies and plenty of layers.  I'm finally biting the bullet on a pair of Hunter boots, I have a pair of wellies that are/were really cute but they have gotten so much use and haven't really stood up to the test that well.  Just another reason to always invest in the key pieces that you definitely need in your closet: rain boots are in my book an investment piece, I've learned my lesson the hard way.

The only problem? I don't know what color to get. I've been going back and forth between classic black and spunky red - both I equally love. Then I saw this pair and thought maybe that color (swoon!) might be fun too? It's turned out to be a tough decision!

(get the look above: earrings, peach jeans - loved them so much from this post, I wanted to style them up!, gingham top, jacket, boots, tote bag - perfect for extra juice boxes and bandaids for my soccer heroes!)

see you around...

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