Monday, April 22, 2013

{beautiful} season-less basics!

When the weather over stays it's welcome BETWEEN seasons, like it has this year - not winter, but definitely not spring yet either - I've learned that beautiful season-less basics become the workhorse of my closet.  Their neutral stance of being neither here nor there season-wise is a welcome sight in my closet.

These pretty pieces can be worn without fail nearly the whole year round on their own or mixed with seasonal pieces like shorts, sandals, skirts, bulky sweaters and boots.  If you ask me, these are just the pieces that my closet needs and what I crave style-wise when the seasons are being tricky.

top row: 1. jeans, 2.  striped sweater, 3. trench

middle row: 4. tweed jacket, 5. purse, 6. bracelets, 7. leopard flats

bottom row: 8. black trousers, 9. necklace, 10. chambray top

The best news? Most of these items are under $100 or $50 and some of them are on sale as well!
You can't go wrong with adding any of these gorgeous pieces to your wardrobe!

see you around...

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