Thursday, February 28, 2013

February... the DAMAGE.

Well it's time to come clean on what the 'damage' was for February... and it's not pretty! ha!  This month I focused more on investment pieces and the "ideal" budget of $300 was blown out of the water due to ONE big-ticket purchase.  Read on to see what I bought, what I spent... and some of my thoughts on both.

Gap, Colorblock Sweater, $54.95 at 30% off was $38.46 (seen here!)
J.Crew, Silk Collar Tee, $75 (investment/splurge!) 
Gap, Hot Pink Luxe Baseball Tee, $22.95 at 2 for $30 promotion + 10% off was $13.50
J.Crew, Shirttail Striped Dress, $88 (investment/splurge!)
J.Crew, Tartine Satchel, $325 (investment/splurge!)*
Gap, White Luxe Baseball Tee, $22.95 at 2 for $30 promotion + 10% off was $13.50 (loved so much I got two!)
J.Crew, Boy Shirt in Chambray, $78 (investment/splurge as my current chambray is getting a lot of use)

*ordered online and I haven't seen it yet, so still up for review if I don't like it in person!

Total: $631.46 (saved $34.39)

Some thoughts on the budget: As I have said before... everyone's shopping budget is a personal thing. I share mine here to show you how I stretch (or not) the dollars I have allotted for clothing each month.  But I definitely feel  self conscious doing it (for a lot of reasons). Obviously the handbag put me over the budget! Without it I would have been right on track, but I was socking some cash away for a new bag for a while... so it all worked out.  This month was definitely focused on investments.  Without the bag I would have gotten only 6 pieces for my $300 budget where last month I got 10 (TEN!) pieces for the same budget. Also, note I made one return last month so I updated that post, here.

Some thoughts on the pieces:   I focused on pieces that will work well for spring and a few were purchased in mind for my upcoming spring break trip (the tees and the dress specifically).  I don't usually buy doubles of items, but I really loved these tees from the Gap.  This month I walked into J.Crew challenging myself to find a few things that weren't on sale that I REALLY, REALLY loved and then to just buy them, even if there was a little sticker shock.  I have always been "scared" to buy more expensive items (like this dress or the collared top) even though I love them. So this month's challenge to "splurge" within the budget was a success. Yay! It just goes to show that $300 can still buy a good amount of pieces and great quality too.

These posts are time consuming to put together... but so far it is interesting to track my spending and my purchases.  Last month you guys really liked this type of post... what do you think of my February purchases?

Please note that I never recommend 'charging' or spending beyond your own personal means, please shop responsibly.

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