Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my everyday style: grey days!

One of my favorite colors to wear is grey... that and denim (if "denim" counts as a color, which I really think it does).  The week between Christmas and New Years was pretty chilled out in our house (probably like yours)... my kids were at the grandparents all week (a tradition I love) and my husband and I worked on the house all week (he on our new master bath remodel and me on taking down trees, decluttering and other end of year projects).  It called for lots of simple outfits, some days in pjs until 5pm (you at least have to get dressed to pour a cocktail!) and an outfit like this is perfect for those days. Layers that are simple and comfortable - I went with a monochromatic color scheme to keep the layers from looking too 'busy'.

On another subject... ankle boots and the issue of socks with them has been a common question around here in the comments.  I will say this, sometimes I wear them without socks - I'm not saying that is the best way to do it, but I can be a slave to fashion sometimes and I don't care. For this outfit here I stole a pair of ankle socks from my son because they were smaller than mine (and black).  Do what you need to do and I'll continue to be a slave from time to time! (these boots work great with skinny jeans and regular socks too when you are feeling less like making a sacrifice for cold ankles).

Scarf, Gap
Shrug Sweater, Gap - old, I recently rediscovered it and can't stop wearing it! (similar or similar)
Tee Shirt, Gap
Jeans, Gap - on sale!
Ankle Boots, Sole Society "Heather" style

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