Thursday, October 11, 2012

what to pack: Breckenridge!

This weekend my husband and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary (woo hoo!) and are headed to Breckenridge for a little escape.  We are excited to visit the mountains together for the first time and to get some major R&R.  Our hotel room has a fireplace (fun!) so we plan on reading and snuggling near it and also hot tubs as big as swimming pools (I guess they need to hold a lot of skiers!).  From everyone we've talked to, we've heard that Breckenridge is an adorable little town with some fun shops and great restaurants. So we are very eager to check it out!  We are not really skiers, so going during the off season is a fun way to experience a ski-town without actually skiing! :)

The packing list for this trip is super casual and relaxed.  I've never packed for a cold climate vacation really (we tend to be sun seekers).  So boots and warm coats are definitely on the list as well as plenty of sweaters and layering pieces.

1. cardigans perfect for layering! 2. my polka dot flats 3. distressed skinny jeans (my uniform!) 4. simple sweaters 5. i just picked up this striped turtleneck, can't wait to wear it 6. the bulkier the sweater, the better! 7. my white wool coat will be perfect for looking stylish but staying warm 8. ponte knit leggings are my new favorite! 9. puffer vest 10. this sweater has gotten a lot of use so far this season 11. these boots are a little over the top, but I can't wait to sport them! (reminds me of this, see #9) 12. editing error, there is no #12... I'll be bringing this though: The Winter Sea have you read it? 13. black turtleneck 14. riding boots 15. chambray, of course! 16. stylin' sunnies 17. clutch for evenings 18. I have a trusty Kate Spade tote that goes on pretty much every trip with me, similar to this one 19. boyfriend jeans.

Oh and I can't forget a snood and knee high socks!

Have you ever been to Breckenridge? If so... please dish on recommendations for eating and things to do and see.  You gals always have the best travel recommendations!

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Kristen said...

Have fun on your trip! We went to a ski town like that in West Virginia earlier this year and loved it! Great packing options!


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