Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the MOM bag... a very stylish way to tote the essentials!

I tend to get a lot of reader emails that pertain to 'making things work in motherhood'... How can I look cute as a mom? How can I disguise my ugly diaper bag? How can I look like I got a good nights sleep? How can I be fabulous and a mom?

Recently I got an email from a reader wanting a suggestion for a bag that worked for motherhood and was stylish as well.  My key to being a fabulous mom is to always focus on my womanhood BEFORE my motherhood.  The key is feeling beautiful and feminine... if you feel that way, you will BE that way.

So here is a fun re-creation of the most fabulous 'MOM' bag you've ever seen!

I always love to have an extra bag on hand... 
you never know when you will need an extra set of hands!

For when the kids decide that throwing your iPhone across the room is completely acceptable.

To distract your kids in the check out line - and it makes your keys so fabulous you won't dare lose them!

I'm an "everything in it's place kind of lady"... plus, who wants diapers sticking out their bag?

Beautiful and feminine. This is a great piece to remind you that even if you hang out with kids, you should still act like an adult.

Classic and classy (plus it holds a lot of stuff and looks great while doing it).

Your best defense for looking fabulous on four hours of sleep.
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