Tuesday, September 18, 2012

my outfit: fall lovin'

If there ever were a perfect outfit, this might be it.  Even though it was flowy and comfortable I felt great all day (and even got a 'you look nice' from my husband... admit it girls, we love those!).  We had a fabulous fall weekend including some soccer, a picnic, extensive time outdoors, an afternoon at the local botanical gardens and some sa-super crabby kids (man, they just let it ALL out on the weekends... ).  The nights are super crisp and cozy (I almost put the fireplace on one night... but figured that would be silly with all the windows open - or brilliant?! one of those...) and I love it.

Also apparently the apple crop was affected by a late frost we had which means Honeycrisps are like a bajillion dollars a peck and honest to God, hand over my heart I saw a gallon of apple cider selling for $10.  So  I'll be getting a second job this fall to make sure we can afford caramel apples and hot cider (kidding, hopefully).

Glasses, Warby Parker "Huxley"
Top, Nally & Millie (c/o last fall)
Jeans, Gap
Shoes, J.Crew
Clutch, Deux Lux


Kristin DeSalle said...

Great outfit! Darn the price of apples! I been marking all the yummy apple recipes on pinterest...

Kristen said...

I'd heard that apples didn't do to well this season. We paid about a dollar an apple at our local apple festival, which is crazy! Love this top! Such a cute casual look!

Courtney said...

Which style of Gap jeans are these? Love this outfit!!


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