Friday, September 28, 2012

6 fall style cravings!

While doing the everyday research (i.e. online and in person shopping - I know, lucky me!) that comes with writing a style blog I often come across finds that jump off the page and literally CALL my name. Sometimes they are practical, sometimes not... sometimes they fit in with the project (blog post, wardrobe consult, etc) that I am working on at the moment, and sometimes not.

These are all the little left-overs that I found and stored away this week... lovely two-tone pieces, a sweater that is an absolute splurge but simply gorgeous, a little peplum that I can't stop thinking about, plaid - I'm just 'mad' for it lately!, and green... an unexpected color that I am loving lately.

peplum jacket, two-tone blazer (swoon!), fair isle sweater, two-tone tote (gorge!), plaid loafers (I think my closet could spare room for another pair!), teal messenger tote

On another note... the weekend is HERE folks! I am so ready (and excited!)... what do you have planned, anything fun?

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