Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 scarves to have in your wardrobe!

A reader recently emailed and asked if I had any suggestions on scarves for fall and how to style them.  Scarves are a necessity in my closet as the seasons change to not only keep me warm, but to add another layer to an outfit for interest and style.  

This time of year you don't really need a thick wool or knit scarf like you will eventually for winter.  I like to keep a few lighter weight woven scarves on hand that aren't too heavy, but that still create warmth when wrapped around your neck.  I have a ton of scarves, but if you are just getting started on adding scarves to your closet I recommend three styles to get you started: a printed scarf, a solid scarf and a leopard scarf.  Each of these will work in a variety of outfits and will be a great investment for seasons to come as well!

(above: cords (I have these in teal and thinking about getting this color too, I love them!, blouse, jacket, scarf - I LOVE this sweet print!, boots)

(above: jeans, striped top, blazer, scarf, shoes - obsessed with these lately!, tote)

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Kristen said...

Ha! I have all three and more! Love scarves!


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