Tuesday, July 3, 2012

mix & mingle: mid summer!

Often times when I shop for new clothes I work to make sure that they will effortlessly integrate into my existing wardrobe and that they will work well with one another.  This manifests in me shopping just like you see below... in a way where everything can mix and mingle and everything is versatile.  Even though there are different styles here, I think they all work well together and fit my personal style well.

This mid summer I am craving light pieces that are versatile and fun... I think this tank would work well with this blazer for an eclectic feel (this tank would look amazing with cut off shorts too!) or the blazer would pair well with this dress for a more preppy look. White jeans go with pretty much everything in my closet and the sandals and clutch would be fun to spiffy up any look!

1. blazer
2. dress
3. tank
4. clutch
7. ring

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