Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Staples! Part 2.

Summer Staples is a series that rounds up my five staples for summer: 1. something to sip 2. something to snack on 3. something to wear 4. something to read and 5. some fabulous sunnies!

Today's Summer Staples is all based around the book Night Circus.  Have you read it? It is such a cool book! And while I was perusing the book shelves at Target the other day (don't they always have the best books?) I noticed the Night Circus is now in paperback!  I think I need to read it again and then have a little "Night Circus" party! If you are going to pick up the book for the first time, or again... let these fun staples get you in the circus mood.

1. These pomegranate champagne cocktails look delicious! And look super easy to make (always important).  They would be the perfect summer drink!
2. The food imagery in this book was amazing! Kettle corn is always a favorite of mine and would be perfect to munch on while reading.
3. A black and red themed outfit? You got it! (jeans, top, scarf, flats, ring)
4. The Night Circus - this book was so fun and magical to read! It completely transports you to another place and time!
5. These sunglasses are seriously hot. LOVE.

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