Thursday, July 12, 2012

my outfit: how to style red jeans!

There are likely millions of ways to style red jeans... but in my book, this is the best. (and the easiest, likely the best because it is the easiest) Just throw them on with a chambray top. Done. Done.  So if this outfit starts popping up repeatedly here on the blog or on Instagram (user: JillGG, I post more outfits there than here these days!) you will have been properly warned.

And hey, if you stopped by because you genuinely want to know how to style red jeans and one chambray top just isn't cutting it for you (I get that)... you can always refer to this (I know I like to... such great inspiration!).

Also, this is the outfit I wore to Fiona Apple earlier this week! If you went to college in the late nineties and are a woman, you probably loved her like I did/do.  Last minute my brother had two extra tickets so he gave them to me (!!!!!), last minute as in, "hey the concert starts in 5 minutes, wanna come on over?" - yes, last minute only as a male can do, but this male had two extra tickets so one can't be choosey.  The concert was amazing, very angst-y, and very "Fiona".

The only unfortunate part... I missed the memo that it was "maxi dress" only attire.  You can imagine me in red pants then. I was a big sore thumb, errr... two sore legs.

One of the band members had a top knot though, so at least I fit in with the band.  The bun looked good on him too, yes, him.

Are popped collars in with the hipsters these days too? I forget.

Basically I was a walking concert no-no.

Top, J.Crew
Jeans, Target
Sandals, Target
Earrings, Mimi's the Look (c/o)
Sunglasses, Warby Parker "Mabel" (and they are prescription! aren't they so fun!?)

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