Wednesday, June 13, 2012

my outfit: polka on the double!

Real quick: I wore this.  It was really late in the day before I got photos... which is always difficult, but none-the-less here they are!

I feel like a broken record... but isn't summer the best? I just feel like life is so casual and (mostly) carefree.  Our summer is actually shaping up to be quite busy, but on a daily basis I am working to remember to slow down and relax.  Even if it means just sitting in the yard doing nothing.  I'm terrible at "doing nothing" - but I'm working on it!

I hope your summer break is off to a great start...


Jeans, Target
Tee, J.Crew
Scarf, Zara
Belt, Gap
Shoes, Sperry
Nail Polish, "Flirt" by Essie

1 comment:

Val said...

I have been looking for the perfect white t. Would you recommend the J.Crew one in this post? Thanks!!



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