Monday, January 9, 2012

my outfit: it works.

This was my Christmas Eve day outfit.  Yes, I'm behind on posting outfits.  We went to my brother in laws for the day where I wanted something stylish but comfy. It was cousin-heaven with my kids and my nieces ripping open gifts and running around like wild animals.  And my sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws and husband and I always laugh a lot and drink a lot.  It was a super fun day.

You can't really tell, but this is a new VELVET blazer that I snagged at Gap recently for like $20 (it's still a little pricey online, but check your local store).  Sometimes there sales are unreal. And this was one of those times.  I wish you could get a better feel for the velvet in these photos, but alas, it just looks like a black blazer.

Oh and that gorgeous teal handbag peeking out there!?!? My husband gifted it to me for Christmas. It's a gorgeous chain-handled Kate Spade - one that I had been eyeing in Vegas and then found lurking under the Christmas tree. That boy.  He's good.  He also got me a really cool set of watercolor paints... I'm no artiste but I have had fun experimenting with them.  It's one of my goals to embrace my creativity for 2012. Remember?

Blazer, Gap (speaking of blazers from the Gap... you better snatch up this little number for spring, hot mama!)
Striped Top, Gap
Jeans, Gap
Scarf, Target
Earrings, JewelMint (courtesy of)
Handbag, Kate Spade
Shoes, Zara

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