Friday, October 14, 2011

what to wear: weekend!

First things here... the IT list is on hiatus for a while.  I'm super busy with life and this blog and something had to give.  So for a little bit at least you won't be seeing that when you come here on Friday mornings... it was a tough decision, but one that had to be made.

So this way you get your weekly dose of 'what to wear: weekend!' a little bit earlier than usual today!  Maybe I will even switch it up and see if I can come up with a new fun series for Fridays for the time being (or do we love it like it is!?!?).  We'll see!


Do you have big plans this weekend? We have the usual: extreme relaxation tonight (is anyone else just DEAD on Friday nights?), soccer games on Saturday, hopefully a little date action Saturday night, definitely some football watching on Sunday (the Lions are un-defeated - wha?) and of course, plenty of Felicity mixed in.  Our Indian Summer is totally over, but cooler temps have me ready to get cozy again.  How about this cozy chic outfit for a date this weekend? I'm going to try to recreate it!

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