Friday, October 14, 2011

my outfit: fffffffriday!

Whoop, the weekend is here ladies!  Yesterday (Thursday) at school pick up one of my friends was like... "have a great weekend...". Yeah, I had the unfortunate duty to remind her there was still one more day of the week.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  But lucky for us... it's here now.

I owe you ladies a huge hug and THANK YOU for the show of solidarity on yesterday's post. Wow! I almost didn't publish it, but I knew I would be censoring myself.  And to be honest, I felt like I NEEDED to hear from you gals on this.  That I needed to feel un-alone and not crazy. You know?  I plan to reply to each and every one of your comments, seriously.  It's going to have to wait though...

Yesterday I had the unfortunate experience of chopping my finger tip off while cutting an apple for my daughter. Yikes!  The fleshy soft part of my finger tip.  It was pretty gruesome. I even had to call my husband at work and make him bring me band aids and smelling salts.  Well, not really on the smelling salts... but did I ever tell you I am a "passer-outer?" I am.  But I did okay.  Changing the bandages since then is another story.

Any way, I will reply to comments when I am better able to type.  Right now, I'm down a digit.

Have a super fabulous weekend ladies!

Jacket, courtesy of Tulle (last season - it's still available though!)
Top, J.Crew
Necklace, courtesy Mimi's The Look
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Shoes, Gap

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