Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my outfit: muted + a giveaway!

I'm back at it with the layers... no surprise!  This was my "soccer Saturday" outfit... it also included a scarf for games, but as the day warmed I was able to shed at least that layer and the jacket at times too.  That's what is best about layers... I just take them off and add them as needed.  One commenter asked where I live that it's chilly already.  Most of you know that I live in West Michigan and if you didn't - you do now!  Mornings and evenings are cool and afternoons are in the 60's - perfect layering weather if you ask me!

And the boots... it didn't rain as forecasted on Saturday (love when that happens!) but the grass is so dewey in the morning that my feet would be soaked otherwise.  Gotta a love a good pair of wellies.  Both of my kiddos toes were total raisins after I pried off their cleats and soccer socks. Ew.

Also, how fun are these earrings? Like I mentioned this morning, I am kind of obsessed with green lately. So I love the gold feathers with the little green gemstone.

One lucky reader can win a pair of these earrings... yep - your lucky day... huh!?!?  Read on...

Giveaway details:
1. Check out Rebecca's site... and choose which stone you would pair with these gold feather earrings! (they also come in silver too)
2. Then make sure you are a follower with Google Friend Connect of my blog - 
this contest is only open to followers!
3. Leave a comment letting me know your favorite gemstone and earring combo! 
Please note: this giveaway allows only ONE entry per person.

Blazer, J.Crew (similar)
Sweater, J. Crew (similar)
Gingham Top, Old Navy (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Boots, Sperry via Nordstrom Rack courtesy of gift card from Nordstrom
Earrings, courtesy of Rebecca

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