Thursday, September 8, 2011

my outfit: fall is here!

Something happened with our weather... and suddenly it's TOTALLY fall. Not like kinda' fall or it's starting to feel like fall. No, it's straight up fall.  Very crisp mornings lend way to sunny and warm afternoons and then cool evenings where the sun is setting before you know it. See, I told you - fall.

I'm trying to live in the moment and not think about winter... I'm actually trying to be more in the moment in general.  I always said that being a mom to babies to me was overwhelming and not really my thing... I feel like I've waited for a really long time for my kids to be "kids" - you know, less butt wiping more fun, less crying more interaction.  And I've finally reached that place.  But I still find it overwhelming.

I'm starting to question whether I am just easy to overwhelm (likely) or if I just need to chill out and enjoy life (even more likely).  One look at our fall schedule and, as I was telling my husband... this is the most busy and jam-packed season we have ever had in the history of the four of us.  But as I just mentioned - this "kid" stuff (as opposed to "baby" stuff) is what I have been waiting and waiting for, right!?!?

The scary thing about having all (or many) of the "pieces" of life fall together just so... is that well, they are just so.   We are so blessed, we are living out the dream we had set out to create for our family... what more can one ask for?

Here's to taking it all in!

By the way, how do you practice "taking it all in"?  How do you work on it?!?! Care to share?

Scarf, Gap (similar)
Blazer, American Eagle (similar)
Orange Tee, J.Crew
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Clogs, UGG

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