Friday, April 15, 2011

what to wear: royally speaking.

For the next couple of Friday's I am pulling together fun royal wedding inspired outfits!

Last week was what to wear to the royal bridal shower...  This week is what to wear to the royal bachelorette party!  (check back in the coming weeks for what to wear to the royal wedding and maybe even some honeymoon inspired outfits!)

I don't know if Kate Middleton even had a bachelorette party... if she did I'm hoping it was out of the watchful eye of the Queen and the paparazzi! Every princess-to-be deserves to cut loose a little.  After all, the rest of her life will likely be quite serious...

I'm loving this Halston dress and feather earrings... fun and frivolous but oh-so-chic as well!

The wedding is just TWO weeks away!  So exciting!


Raegan Alicia Branch said...

I love every single piece of this...a very chic and classy way to go out! I may have to copy this weekend :)

Anna Elder said...

gosh i have been drooling over those miu miu clogs forever. first time to see them in blue though!! gorgeous. great blog - new follower!


TheFerebeeThree said...

Love the dress and clutch!

The British press has reported that she did have a private hen night (UK speak for bachelorette party) that her sister arranged. So far no details or pictures have leaked so they obviously did a good job keeping it a secret. I am sure she looked amazing as always!

Lili said...

I'm loving the look :-) And of course, your theme posts :-D I decided to have a Kate Middleton Fashion Week on my blog, it starts on Sunday. I can't wait, haha!

Relatable Style

My Heart Blogged said...

This is such a cute outfit. I love the print on the dress, and earrings.
My Heart Blogged

Journey said...

Those shoes are awesome! If I wore them out dancing, perhaps I'd actually be at my husband's shoulder level. :)


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