Tuesday, March 22, 2011

yes, please...

How about some random goodies on a Tuesday morning?  Sounds good to me.

I haven't owned or wore a polo style shirt since college (and, um, that was a while back).  
I kinda think it would be fun to bring the look back.  What do you think?

Madewell's scarves are always so unique and inspiring. 
I just love the color scheme on this one!

I am just dying for a little bright red purse of some sort.
This would be so perfect for spring!

While I was perusing the Kate Spade site I found this little number for girlfriend.
She loves peacocks!

I love this painted bangle. Simple. Fun.

I obviously need new make-up brushes.

I used to have a pair of these Dr. Scholl's sandals and LOVED them!
I love how they are super retro.

I think I could spend the whole summer in this top.... dreamy! 
And for UNDER $25 from Forever 21, yes please!


The Daily Fashionista said...

Nothing is more fun than shopping for stuff virtual style. I am loving that peacock clutch!

Missy Langley said...

My daughter goes to private school so she wears polos. We've been having fun finding ways to make her school wardrobe her 'own', a la Fresh Prince!!

Love that butterfly kaftan. I just might have to try that one.

jill said...

hey jill, just a quick tip if you decide to take the plunge on a polo shirt - the lands' end canvas polos are really cute (they got the cut right). you can usually find some of the colors on clearance! i just bought a couple last year - love them.

K said...

Could you style a few looks around the polo shirt? Any time I try to wear one, it just does not look the way I want it to.

My Heart Blogged said...

I love the Kate Spade bag, and the peacock clutch. Sigma makes amazing brushes, they last a long time, and they are very affordable if you need some.
My Heart Blogged

The Blissful Academic said...

I really love the Kate Spade bag. She has such great colors in her collection this spring.

kristen said...

I have been eyeing those Dr Scholl's for some time now! I already have 4 pairs of wooden clogs so I'm trying to decide if I need another pair. I think yes! :)

Cindy said...

Hehe...I think the last time I wore a polo was 5-6 years ago. They seemed to be popular back then. Now I think I'm too broad to wear them. Too man-ish for me. :(

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

I love that Kate Spade bag! I wear those exact Dr. Scholl's all summer long. I had them growing up and I have never been without a pair. :)

Daphne said...

I love the kate spade bags. I so want their new boxy cross shoulder one in a neon color like pink or orange or yellow. So fun.

Andrea said...

I just CANNOT do polo shirts, I always feel like a camp counselor in them! If anyone could style it in a fresh way, it would be you. Looking forward to seeing what you do with a polo if you buy one.

Michelle said...

I myself have been drooling over that persimmon color Kate Spade purse, but in a different shape. It's the perfect marriage of red and a hint of orange.


Jackie said...

LOVE that peacock clutch! Thanks for sniffing it out for me!

Bree said...

about the polo, which doesn't work on my body type (not good on big boobs and a soft tummy) but I saw this "how to wear a polo without looking like a caddy" and thought you might be intrigued.


Chelsie said...

Oooh, I love every last item in this post but ESPECIALLY the butterfly kaftan. That just might find its way to my closet soon!



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