Thursday, December 9, 2010

30 for 30 recap...

That's a whole lotta me! Wow. But looking at this whole montage... it doesn't LOOK like I was essentially wearing the same stuff for 30 days over and over. Does it?

Here's some of what I learned on the Challenge:
  • While I like to think that I am good at fairly incorporating other pant options besides jeans into my everyday wear... I'm just not. Jeans win every time. I'm fine with it. I just sometimes need to remind myself I'm not breaking any rules by only wearing jeans.
  • Shoes, shoes, shoes... I need more shoes than four pair. I just do... I have pent up shoe desire from the past 30 days (I'm also a little scared about how it's going to play out... shoe buying rampage, anyone!?!). This was the hardest part of the Challenge.
  • Any day I would take items I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and wear them a lot than items I "kinda like." I absolutely need to keep this in mind while shopping.
  • Same goes for fit... I won't buy something that "kinda" fits. It needs to fit like a glove to make the cut. (am I the only one that just grabs stuff in the store with out trying on? bad, bad, bad!)
  • Also, gone are the days of buying F21 denim, sorry... it just doesn't make sense. Gap has my heart now.
  • Did I mention shoes? More, more, more! (ha!)
  • My challenge for fall/winter/spring dressing (doesn't really apply to summer) is layers. They add instant interest and style. All tops I buy need to be able to be layered in some way. This should help me avoid the sweater/jeans rut that I tend towards in the colder months as well.
What did you learn during the Challenge?


annie said...

This is impressive... your outfits look so different! I would honestly never know you'd worn the same 30 pieces. I need to learn your trick! And amen to the F21 denim... Gap is my go-to jean, though I've actually been hearing really good things about American Eagle...

TeachingInHeels said...

Congrats on finishing up the 30x30!! I've loved seeing each outfit. I agree that its necessary to buy GAP denim and try to only purchase items that truly fit and are a love, not like, item.

Lisa D. said...

Your remix was awesome! I've learned a lot, too. I had 7 pairs of shoes in my items and only wore two pairs once. I thinks somewhere between 4 and 7 lies the magic number for 30 for 30 shoes.

I know you were kind over the challenge by the end, but I enjoyed all of your outfits...especially the last few. =)


Meredith said...

Congrats! Great job. I too, feel the same way about layering...I've noticed I instantly appear more stylish. And I also agree about buying quality over quantity- I'd rather have a few pieces that I love than alot that I just like. Thanks for doing the 30x30!

Liz said...

Cheers to a job well done!

I don't consider myself a "shoe" girl by any means, but shoes are definitely what I miss the most. I have two days left and I can't wait to wear all my other pairs of shoes {the clothes, eh}.

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

The last of my 30 for 30 outfits posts tomorrow and I learned many of the same things you did. Fit is something I too know now is very important. I'll have to try the Gap jeans. All of your outfits looked so great!

Alessandra said...

I wrapped up today.

A few lessons: No more crazy impulse shopping. I wear too much black and should wear more color. 30 items is actually a lot!

I really like your remix outfits, especially 24 and 27.

v said...

Great points. Shoes, I agree.
I just bought the CUTEST pair, but I tend so much towards simplicity that I feel guilty buying too many - but I figure, shoes can change up a simple outfit & make it go longer!

I agree with a point from your previous post, too, about clothes lasting longer without constant washes!

A Delightful Design said...

Great job! I fear that my 30 days would all look much the same: mommy uniform be damned! ;-)

Kristen said...

What an awesome recap, I particularly liked reading what you've learned.

(and no, you're not alone - I am also guilty of the purchase without trying on syndrome. It's a sickness, really).

Skruger said...

Jill - - what items would you have left out & what would you have rather had instead? I have some ideas but would love to hear your thoughts now that you are through and back to your full wardrobe.

karen★ said...

the only way i won't try something on is in a community dressing room. who the crap thought up that brilliant idea? idiots.

i LOVE all the pics together. i miss that from before, where you would put all the outfits from one month together & have us vote. maybe santa will bring them back?

during your challenge i learned that i was very sick, but that when i am all better better better...i will be taking the challenge as well. did i already tell you that?


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