Tuesday, October 12, 2010

shopping guide: puffers!

A few weeks back I featured some great winter coats that were dressier. I like to have a few styles in my arsenal and a puffer coat is definitely one of them. They are so warm and cozy and this season I am loving the slimmer and sleeker versions that I have been seeing. Here are some great examples. I would wear EACH of these... they are all so cute!

(1. Lodge Puffer Vest, JCrew. $118 2. Puffer Vest, Gap, $59.50 3. Coffee Shop Puffer, Target, $59.99 4. Callie Nylon Puffer, Delia's, $69.50 5. Long Belted Puffer, Gap, $128 6. Puffer Jacket, Gap, $98)


Sarah said...

These are all great looking puffers. Not sure when you blog look changed but I really like it.

sara@augustfields said...

i love a good puffer vest :)

Kelly said...

Love the second vest - just the right amount of puffy-ness. :)

sara said...

I have a couple of puffer vests I wear all the time! Love them.


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