Wednesday, July 14, 2010

silver totes...

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this tote from Kate Spade...

(Foiled Again Allana, Kate Spade, $245)

I love that it's a little flashy and fun, but also practical for carrying around all the necessities. It's anything but boring! But even with my birthday coming up, it is still always hard to justify shelling out over $200 for a bag. Although the temptation is definitely there!

Here's some silver bags that are just as cute (or at least close!) but a little easier on the wallet... (click the pictures for links!)

I think this Gap bag is a front-runner for me... I could definitely see myself sporting this bag this fall.

I have featured this one in outfits here on the blog recently... It's super cute and a great size.

This one has the most similarity to the KS bag... and for the cheapest price. I do like this one too!

Decisions, decisions!


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