Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my outfit: cargos & repeats!

Oh, ha... this scarf again!?!? In the middle of July??? It really is lightweight, but the A/C has been getting to me lately... so, never mind that it's 500% humidity outside. I donned a scarf. The same one I have been wearing for a few outfit photos now. Oh well, this is reality peeps.

I've had people ask if there is a method to how I get dressed or how many combos I try before I get it right. I have no method or secrets. I shoot from the hip and then go with it. I've said it before, but usually I wear a combo of something I just wore (see: repeat of zebra scarf) and something that I know I will feel great in (see: white t-shirt). Clothing selections seem to be more emotional than anything else. I want to feel good inside my skin and look good outside. That's my method I suppose.

I love these cargo pants... the unfortunate part is that I bought this pair that is more wide leg or boot cut like 2.5 milliseconds before cargos went all "skinny". Rats. I'm seriously contemplating bringing them to the tailor to have them "skinnied" up a bit. It would also be cool to have zippers put at the ankle, no? Hmmm... maybe it's worth just buying a new pair. I'll have to further contemplate this.

This next photo is for Karen, she said she wouldn't mind seeing the chaos behind my photos... of course, after I was done taking my outfit photos, the kids wanted in on the action...

There you have it... my little blonde bed-headed lovers with chiclet teeth.

[ps, some of you may be stopping by from Kendi Everyday's blog for the 30/30 challenge... I keep meaning to get on that. I feel bad! I DO have intentions in doing the challenge... soon!]

Scarf, Cost Plus World Market (similar)
T-Shirt, Target
Cargos, Old Navy (I wish mine were THESE)
Sandals, Target (similar, similar, LOVE THESE!)
Purse, Matt & Nat (same style in grey, I got mine on GILT for way cheaper!)


Kate said...

oh my goodness, your kids are adorable! Look at those blonde curls!

sealaura said...

Hi Jill,

I have those Jcrew cargos and I have to tell you I love them. I have the green ones and the grey ones (they were on sale for $20 in Palm Desert) and they are so comfy and cool. Earlier in the season they showed them rolled up with sandals and I see now they are showing them unrolled. I have done both looks and they rock. Highly recommend.

It was so nice to see your kids. They are indeed gorgeous, you are such a lucky girl.

elizabethashleyphoto said...

Just learning from my own mistakes - I think if you love those pants, you should leave them the way they are! :)

Beautiful kiddos!

elizabethashleyphoto said...

Also, I wore a lightweight scarf just the other day, and it's like 100 degrees here. It gets chilly in the office though, plus I usually think of a scarf (worn indoors) as just a substitute for a fun necklace!

karen★ said...

I love the outfit, especially the scarf....& I am so so in love with that picture! Thanks for posting it! You guys look so happy!

p.s. I love their blonde hair in comparison with your dark. So sweet.

Liz said...

Your kiddos are so cute!
I'd love to see the cargos skinnified. I think they'd look great for fall with heels!

Dobbygirl said...

Awww, your kiddos are adorable! I have a really hard time with scarves - I hate things around my neck so I struggle with them as "go to" accessories. I'm always hot anyway. But I have so many, lovely vintage ones, I need to work on my "issues" LOL! Oh love this look - keep them as is - legs for fall are more wide it seems. As always thanks a million for the lovely comments. Today has not been a good one - Mama needs some time away from the kiddo and vice versa :o)

Anna said...

Do you know, I actually went to a Cost Plus today so I could copycat your scarf.

But, alas. They were all out of that marvelous gray zebra stripe.

Nevertheless, you look adorable and I've got my eye out for something similar!


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