Wednesday, June 9, 2010

work it wednesday: sarong!

If you subscribe to my newsletter (and you should!) you already got a sneak peak at this Work It Wednesday... (Work it Wednesday is the longest running series on my blog where I take one wardrobe piece and make it "work" in three different ways...)

After doing some digging through last years clothing for swimsuits, shorts, etc I came across this sarong that I purchased from the Gap several years ago... I am really good about remembering when I buy things, in like a really weird way. And I dated this purchase back to when I was pregnant with my first - that would have been the summer of 2004. It matched my (hideous) pink maternity swim suit. Aaaaany way, how is that for useless knowledge?

Without further ado (or useless knowledge....) here it is... three ways! (And while not one includes a swimsuit - I'm not that crazy to put myself up here in a swimsuit... any of the variations could and will include a swimsuit... just not on this blog!)

I definitely went out on a limb with the tank option. But in the end, I really, really like it and will definitely keep this look cued up for a summer party (any one want to invite me to a summer party?). This just shows that sometimes going out on a limb with your clothing works (we all know that at other times, it definitely does not).
(Sarong/Tank, Gap; White Pants, Gap; Wedges, Cynthia Vincent for Target; Bangles, Various)

The skirt version was actually my first and favorite... I wore this to the beach on Memorial Day weekend. I don't know a girl alive that doesn't like to cover her hiney at the beach or pool now and then. I mean come on, how did guys get full length shorts as an option and we get fig leaves?
(Sarong/Skirt, Gap; White Tee, Gap; Necklace, Old Navy; Wedges, Cynthia Vincent for Target)

When I look at all three of these outfits and try to choose a favorite, it's almost impossible. Really. SO many good options here. But the scarf version is great because it is the most practical (and I'm nothing if not practical). I could see this scarf brightening any fall/winter/spring day.
(Sarong/Scarf, Gap; White Tee, American Apparel; Skinny Jeans, F21; Wedges, Cynthia Vincent for Target)

I tried to scrounge up some similar sarongs... this is all I could find (at a decent price):

Roberta Roller Rabbit Clara, Piperlime, $55

Roberta Roller Rabbit Francesca, Piperlime, $55

Roberta Roller Rabbit Gwen, Piperlime, $55

I am very happy to report that all three of those are amazing options. I would like one or three of those myself! And really when you see how versatile it can be... how can you not?

If you are an amazing DIY'er (which I am not) I think you could use some fabric from the fabric store too... really a sarong is a rectangle piece of fabric. Nothing more!


Stacy of KSW said...

Look at you rocking that sarong :) You look AMAZING as usual. Option #1 is hands down my favorite, looks like someone should swoop you up and take you somewhere tropical for awhile. Of course, then who'd give me my Good Life For Less fix??

Maria said...

Jill, perfection, love every single look to pieces!!

Elle Sees said...

Honestly, that sarong is one of my fave looks ever. The top one especially has SUMMER written all over it. You need to be on a beach or a summer party with a drink in your hand!

Michelle said...

Love the skirt!! That is amazing! Also, I keep seeing those Target wedges and am SO jealous that I don't have them. I went to 4 Targets looking for them and none have them!

Heidi Lyn said...

So cute! Now I would love to see a "how to" piece on the sarong because when I attempt the looks . . they just don't look as clean and great as yours do.

sealaura said...

i am going to play around with this look today. I am headed to a beachy vacay and this look would be great. gracias Jill!

Torrie said...

love all three looks.

fantastic colors, super easy to accessorize, the most versatile (w/ each being so incredibly different) outfit that I've seen in a long time.

Plus, I'm kinda unskilled in the sarong area. I have one that my mom brought back from 3(??) years ago, that I can now finally put to use:). Seriously, thanks!

Kate said...

Great post!! Love all the ways you styled it, so neat - I've never tried a sarong!

Bromeliad said...

Looks awesome.

How about some sarong-tying instructions? :)

Also, what are the dimensions of your sarong?

Thanks. I'm inspired.

Jackie said...

Again with my fave pic! You pull off the sarong well.

And I LOVE Roberta Roller Rabbit!

paula said...

so cute! love it.

karen★ said...

I love #2, but maybe #3? Oh, it's always so hard to decide. Thanks for giving me some new ideas besides a swimsuit cover-up for my sarongs!

Mary said...

I LOVE these looks! I think #2 is my favorite but it's tough to choose. I agree with Heidi, I would love to see a how-to on how you got the tank top & skirt to look so chic and pulled together!

b.a. said...

CUTE! i love this post! i think this should be your IT list pick of the week! :)


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