Thursday, June 24, 2010

my outfit: summer time!

Well, I am just about beside myself. Seems as if I have my blogging mojo back (last week was bad folks.... baaaaad!) But look at me all getting dressed (always the first step to success) AND taking pictures AND editing them AND posting them here. Whew. I knew I had it in me! Also, hiring a sitter for a few hours a week may be changing my life. May, might, maybe. Yes, I think so indeed.

We have been having this crazy midwestern weather where it gets very hot and muggy and then thunderstorms like the dickens. I should point out, it's not so crazy for us - we're used to it. If you didn't live around here and got caught in one of these you might think you are going to die or that the world is ending. It was dark as night yesterday morning at 10am - as night, people. Sheesh.

My point in retelling my weather woes is that it really does a number on my hair. I'm growing it out and the thought of spending the time to blow dry and straighten and then walk out in the humidity only to have it all undone makes me as crabby as a red ant.

So I am trying to embrace my wave with a little trick my hairstylist (Hi Summer!) taught me... twirling my hair around my flat iron. Sounds crazy, but it kind of works. And then I don't care if my hair wigs out from the humidity... it almost helps.

Any way, I feel like I should say something about this outfit. So I will. This chambray shirt is a dream. SO soft and so light-weight... and leopard print. I'm all over it. And I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I am further all over it this fall. Look for it in the looks:book when it comes out in September. Just this little belt is great. Adds instant style. I felt like I needed some jewelry, but didn't really feel like it, so I just tied this scarf around my wrist. I was inspired by someone doing the same somewhere on the internets and the Korean Air commercials. (seriously, they make me want to go to Korea for no reason except the flight attendants outfits!)

Top, Old Navy (similar)
Shorts, Old Navy
Belt, F21 (similar, similar)
Sandals, F21 (similar)
Scarf (on wrist), Thrifted
Bag, Deux Lux (I got mine at GILT for way cheaper!) (in black)


Anonymous said...

Love that you're bringing back short shorts!I wear them all the time b/c it's soooo HOT in FL! I just found a really awesome archive of "how to hair tutorial' that I think you could use...I too am growing my hair out and see the same dilemma you are having. Here is the link....

Maria said...

the fabric around your wrist is brillant, totally gonna do that all because of you!! and the flight attendants in korea, ive seen them first hand and they are impressive even after 14 hour flights!!!

Elle Sees said...

I love the hair! It's a nice change.

Team Botanical said...

Love the denim shirt. I bought one a few weeks ago and have really been liking it. Love it with white pants, of course!

milk tea + polkadots said...

Hahaha... I flew on Korean Air this past April. I was so impressed by their chic uniforms! Loved their scarves and hair accessories.

Jackie said...

Your hair looks good wavy! I have waves in the back, but not the front. My problem is I have so much hair that when I try to curl the front to match the back I have a giant poof ball going on.

Love the idea of tying a scarf around your wrist!

Oh, and your weather description tots freaked me out-I would be there thinking the world was ending for sure!

Liz said...

I do that all the time, except it's so hot out that I don't feel like getting near heat styling tools!
I made a video explaining the process for unbelievers lol:

karen★ said...

I love the whole entire thing! Miley Cyrus, other than creeping me out, has a new line at Walmart. The shocker is that they have shirts just like that for only $12 & they are (pretty) well made. Also, the belt...LOVE!


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