Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday ramblings...

Did you check out the "it" list yet this morning? Man... good stuff there. While my brain, computer and body were busy "birthing" that stunning post this week - I feel like the blog got neglected a bit. Although not NEARLY as bad as my house... sheesh! Oh, and did I mention that I have house guests coming for the weekend this evening. My husband is so not thrilled right now... why? Not because the house is a mess... but because he knows he's gonna have to help! Eep!

But let's forget all of that for now... I've got some lovelies that have been on my brain this week. In no particular order:

TOMS finally (FINALLY!) launched their wedge shoe. And, hello... I die! I'm giving this shoe one very excited "yes, please"! Nordstrom's is carrying them for $68.95 (in two colors) and TOMS Shoes website for $69 (in 6 colors I think). The only hard part is deciding which color!

Call me crazy, but I really want to get my hands on some jeggings... (you know jean-leggings?) - I tried some on recently that were too thin - lesson learned. But definitely am on the hunt for a thicker pair. Looks like the cheaper stores like F21 & Charlotte Russe don't have them yet - or at least not online. I figured summer would be a good time to try them out, you know "skin is in", errr, tightly woven fabric, tightly over skin. That doesn't sound as great as it should, huh?

Speaking of TOMS, I am severely wanting the silver ones... mostly after seeing how Style your Life styled hers. Yep, that's me, a big fat copy cat. I don't care. They are adorable!

Introduce me to a bib necklace and I will probably fall in love. This one is no exception... just lovely!

After my dad spoiled me with a Coach purse for Christmas AND Mother's Day (am I one lucky gal or what???) I am a bit hooked. My next conquest? This lovely lilac bag... dad, are you listening?

Scarves with pom poms are not only so sweet you want to pinch them, but are actually popping up on store shelves so fast it will make your head spin. How cute is this green one? It's less than $20 at Old Navy. Sure!

Cheap sandals from Forever 21 are my new favorite. Last seasons (here) got a ton of use for the $8 or so I spent on them. (I should mention here than I had a rather nasty spill down the stairs in those... it's debatable if me or the sandals were to blame... but everything was fixed with some Gorilla Glue - the sandals, not me - and we lived happily ever after). Any who, these are the ones I want this year. $15 - that's it! Love them!

Gap(RED) always has cute graphic tees... this lil hippy chick is so cute and I am loving the coral color. Simple and easy for summer!

Have a super fab weekend! Any big plans?


Rachel said...

I just bought those sandals from F21 a few days ago! I can't wait to get them even more now that I saw them on your list!

Anna said...

Those wedges are fantastic.

As are you! What a lovely site you have here.

Dobbygirl said...

I almost picked up that t-shirt - but I went with another style with an elephant on it. Plus those silver TOMS are on my wish list and now I need some wedges too! I do have some $ left on my Nordstrom's gift card from Christmas...Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

HAHA you will love the silver!

milk tea + polkadots said...

I tried out a pair of flat Toms for the first time. The soles are ridiculously comfy! But (for some reason this happens to me a lot with flats..) my big toe was poking up. I foresee a hole in the future. :( Sad. Maybe those peeptoe wedges will be better!

Melissa said...

F21 does have jeggings online. I saw some last night:

There may be more (I didn't look too closely today). They are listed under "Jean Shop." Happy shopping!

ms. less is always more said...

milk tea, I found with my TOMS that the fabric stretches just a touch to form to your feet - they feel great after wearing them just a few times (but for me, the first time they didn't feel great)

melissa, thanks for the links - obviously I must not have looked very hard! :)

Elena said...

Hot post! Lots of cute pieces. I'm definitely getting those wedge Toms in red stripes.

Big weekend plan is to see SATC2, since I was out of town and missed it. Have a great one!

Becca said...

A word of advice in the jeggings - look for something with a little bit more stiffness. I bought a pair that ended up just constantly stretching out more than I would like. I noticed some a while ago in the Nordstroms juniors department that looked good and were reasonably priced - you should check them out!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

OMG the BEST jeggings are at Old Navy (called "the Rockstar") they are just the right weight with great stretch and recovery! You wont be disappointed, I wear mine a few times a week and loooove them

Brittany said...

American Eagle has jeggings also and I bet they're worth trying. I imagine they would be of a higher quality than some that are less expensive.


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