Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my outfit: lovely neutrals!

You know me, simplicity is key. Thus, the neutrals. Which just so happen are trending now. But trend or no... it still works. I just love the warmer months so I can put a simple outfit like this together and it looks and feels great without a bunch of fuss. And speaking of warmer temps I sure have loved showing my ankles lately, huh? But that is what the spring weather is for and I love ankle pants no matter the body type. Looks very modern Audrey Hepburn to me.

I love flowy tops like these... no need to "suck it in"!

And the safari jacket AGAIN... seriously, I have to make a conscience effort to NOT wear this every day. I just love it. And it's super old. I love it when I wear things that I have had forever like I just got them yesterday. I wish I loved all the clothes in my closet this much.

I'm bored with my photography skills. Is the action shot dumb or interesting? And yes, yes indeed, I hacked off some skinny jeans, a la Garance. And I like them. No tailor needed! I'm excited to wash them to get a little fringe going... next up - shorts!

Also, you gals rock... a serious show of solidarity HERE! Cute moms unite!

Jeans, Old Navy (similar)
Top, Forever 21 (similar)
Jacket, Gap (similar)
Wedges, Target


Elle Sees said...

The shirt is so adorable and looks super comfortable. I need one in every color. Is it sleeveless?

one sydney road said...

love the outfit - it's always great to have good neutrals to work with! and i'm with you...i don't mind showing off my ankles...i laugh that they're my best body part :)

Dobbygirl said...

Love the outfit!

Maria said...

really diggin this one, Jill. especially the soft flowing cream shirt against the more structured jacket...opposites really do attract!

charlotteannette said...

where did you find those cute bamboo bangles?

Natalie said...

I LOVE the outfit...and I don't care how many times you wear that jacket! Its cute and looks good with a lot of stuff! I love the pants and the shirt! :)

ms. less is always more said...

charlotteannette, the bamboo bangles were picked up in NYC - I don't have a source and I couldn't find anything similar online. So sorry!

Anna said...

Just tumbled into your lovely blogland and I'm adoring it!

Very inspirational.

karen said...

that shirt is so so super pretty; i love it! the action shots are great, especially the "Jill at her computer"! i can't wait til all the rain here stops so i can figure out which jeans i can take the bottoms off's a bit too cold for ankles this week! so well put together...again!

Jennifer said...

that tank, I want that tank :)


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