Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my outfit: coral sweater!

Wait a minute... are you thinking, the coral sweater... again!?!? Oh no, that's right. That's just my husband. You peeps have only seen it once before but it's getting some serious action out of the closet lately. In fact, all my clothes seem that way. I was so excited for spring clothes and now I just feel like I wear the same combos over and over again. Is it just me? Do my days fly by to quickly? Tell me I am not the only one!

Wearing this sweater confirms both my love for it and my love for "spring" sweaters... because yes there can still be a chill in the air and this sweater is warm without being bulky or sweaty (ever have a "sweaty" sweater... I do). Also, this jacket. I seem to wear in constantly - but heck, it's a jacket and I find the more I wear it the more comfy and stylish it is and then one of my kids will get snot on it and I have to wash it and start all over. (Again, tell me I am not the only one!)

I'm trying very hard to savor the spring weather... not cold and not warm. Because often times summer comes and it feels like we just put the snow clothes away (which actually DOES happen sometimes here in Michigan) - but this spring we are actually getting temps in the 50's and 60's - mixed with sun it's heavenly. Especially when I know 70's and 80's are on their way!

So tell me... what are you wearing this spring? Loving? Liking? Buying in multiples? Dish!


Jacket, Gap (similar)
Sweater, Old Navy
Heart Necklace, Banana Republic (similar)
Key Necklace, Forever 21
Jeans, Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes, Nine West (not super similar but very cute!)


Nancy's Notes said...

Hi Jill, love your look, it's so classy! Love the jacket and shoes! Since I am from Texas, our weather is a bit warmer, in the 70's. I am wearing capri's and jeans, love white classic blouses with a sweater thrown over my shoulders, flats or sandals, there you go!

Great post!


Liz said...

This outfit is so chic! I absolutely love the layered necklaces, the cropped skinnies, and the flat. Wow, gorgeous!

karen said...

oh how I've missed you're blog! i've been just a little busy, but my 1st day back is so great because it's outfit day! cute jeans, cute spring sweater, & i love the double necklaces with it.
have a wonderful rest of your week! i hope it slows down for you just a bit.
snot? on your clothes? well. i have never ever heard of such a travesty. ever.


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