Monday, November 16, 2009

shopping guide: {family cold weather wear}

This time of year you and your family can never have enough cold weather wear! That is at least, here in the 'great North'! But I have found because of this that they also make for great gifts for the whole family. It never fails that mid-season a glove goes missing, your child's hat disappears in the snow fort not to be found until spring or you thought you could brave without a hat... but you can't. And as far as gifts go, the price point can't be beat! And just think of how warm your loved one will feel... all because of you! So practically, cold weather wear is about as value-based as it gets!

Women's: Rugby Stripe Circular Scarf, American Eagle, $24.50

Men's: Convertible Gloves, Urban Outfitters $18

Boy's: Bright Stripe Trapper, American Eagle, $19.50

Women's: Crochet Floral Scarf, Tilly's, $14.99

Men's: Marled Striped Scarf, Gap, $24.50

Girl's: Pro-Fleece Chevron Trapper, Gap, $12.50


Elaine said...

The scarf with the flowers is SO adorable!

spark! (Ada-Marie) said...

Ditto -- I LOVE that floral scarf. Pretty and functional! :)

Jackie said...

LOVE the chevron hat! And what a great price!

christina said...

Love, Love, love cold weather wear. I don't really love cold weather, that's kind of a dilemma.

But that yellow/cream scarf is super cute. I may need to add that to my collection. Great picks!

Lizzy said...

The yellow and gray circle scarf is so fun, and I just might have to get those gloves for my BF.

Blair said...

Ohh! Love that first scarf.


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