Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meghann, new mom and part-time pastry chef!

I recently had the pleasure of putting together a good LOOK for LESS for Meghann, a new mom! This is how she described her style and needs:

I had a baby three months ago, and am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body isn't shaped the same anymore, which is probably my biggest challenge. I'm nursing, so it's hard to find tops that fit over my chest while still fitting the rest, like my fairly narrow shoulders. I'm petite - 5'3".

My lifestyle is laid-back and easygoing - I'm currently staying at home with my daughter, and one day I'll get back into the working world as a pastry cook, which requires either a uniform or nothing more than jeans and a t-shirt. However, I want to get out of the jeans and tee rut that I'm in. I like pieces that are versatile and that won't go out of style too soon. Ease of maintenance is key...if it has to be dry-cleaned then I'll only wear it a handful of times. I'm looking for comfort + style. I love feminine touches (but not too frou-frou)...Anthropologie is my go-to for fun pieces and accessories, although it's not always in my budget, which is pretty slim these days. I tend towards Gap for the basics.

I don't like anything too clingy, especially jersey knit...it doesn't drape well on me. I'm hoping to add some color into my wardrobe (the only color I don't wear well is yellow), and I'd love mostly everyday outfits with one or two options to wear out to dinner with my hubby. Also, since this is such a transition time, I have to be able to wear them now and when I'm no longer nursing.

Oh, pasty chef?!?! My mouth is watering... well, back to business:

So many of us have been in this exact same position! Just had a baby and still nursing and still trying to look and feel great, right!?!? One thing to keep in mind Meghann, and for all the other new moms out there, is that the post-partum year or so can be a tough one - but it will go SO quickly! So don't be disheartened when you are frustrated with how clothes look or feel or spend too much money on clothes that fit now, but that won't in a month or so. Changes can happen so quickly so be patient and conservative! Accessorizing can go a long way here... so focus on things like jackets, shoes and jewelry that can jazz up the limited number of items that do fit you well!

Meghann had a budget of $200 and with that I was able to compile 15 new wardrobe pieces and 6 outfits (although the options are endless!). Here's her shopping list:

Here are just a few of the outfits I put together for Meghann... more can be found in my Shopstyle Stylebook!

Meghann wanted an outfit to wear out with her husband for dinner... I like this dress because paired with some nice accessories and a little jacket it is date worthy... but alone it is great for hot summer days as a mom! And it is machine washable!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

To get out of the jeans and t-shirt mode a nice pair of white bermuda shorts is in order! Easy to take care of and super cute and comfy to wear this is a perfect outfit for playdates, errands or coffee with friends!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Denim skirts are a classic piece that never seem to go out of style and go with everything. I paired this one with a bright top and some fun accessories and it's an instant outfit!
Old Navy at ShopStyle

Best of luck to you, Meghann, with the little one! Happy shopping and thanks for working with me!


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PS~Erin said...

I'm totally loving the outfits you put together!

Jackie said...

Yay for Meghann! Such cute outfits-I hope she loves them!

Boy Crazy said...

I love the tee wit ruching. Color is gorgeous. Just might have to get one for myself!

Jess Constable said...

Love the white Bermuda short, I have the same pair in khaki.

Meghann said...

Thanks Jill! I've already ventured out and started purchasing some of these pieces, and you're right...accessorizing really does go a long way! Can't wait to finish off the shopping list. :)


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