Tuesday, May 23, 2017

DIY the trend: pom pom straw tote!

As I mentioned earlier this week I am OBSESSED with the pom pom straw tote trend this season.  They just scream summer and add a fun bit of whimsy to any summer look. It's a look I knew I could easily DIY and I was right!   I recently snagged an inexpensive straw tote (this exact one is no longer available, but I linked to similar options below), some oversized pom poms and voila! In about 15 minutes I had the trend in my closet for way less money and I got to personalize it just how I wanted it!

Here are my tips for attaching the pom poms to the tote: you could definitely hot glue the poms on, but I wanted something less permanent so I simply sewed them on.  It was too hard for me to string the thread straight through the center of the pom so I experimented a bit and found that sewing an "x" over the center of the pom was the best way to attach them.  Think how you would sew a button on a shirt in an "x" formation, and do the same to the pom!  After experimenting a bit it only took me about 10 minutes to sew on the poms.  So easy!

Shop the supplies here:

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