Monday, January 16, 2017

my everyday style: winter survival guide!

This is the part of winter where I basically dive bomb my bed and never want to get out.  It's cold, it's dark and the sun so very rarely shines here in Michigan.  It's just depressing.  And did I mention COLD? I just want it to be spring in the worst way. 

So instead of actually staying in bed until spring (although I wish I could) I'm doing what I can to keep my spirits up and take it easy on myself at the same time.  A little self care seems to go a long way this time of year.  Flowers are first on the list.  I try to grab a bunch or three every time I'm at the store.  They are the perfect little slice of sunshine when the sun won't actually shine. Other things in my survival kit? Hot baths with bath oils to moisturize my skin, lots and lots of reading (I've finish like 3 books already this month!), lots of layers like this faux fur vest to stay warm when it seems impossible, and I just bought the ugliest electric blanket that I am pretty much in love with.  Oh, and I'm working on planning our families spring break and some other warm trips this spring to keep my spirits up.  What is in your winter survival guide? 

Outfit Details:
Faux Fur Vest (old but similar, similar, or similar)
Dot Top (I am SO in love with this top!!!)
Ankle Boots (old but similar or similar)

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