Thursday, May 12, 2016

what to pack: tropical vacation!

A reader recently emailed that she is jet-setting to Hawaii with her husband and wanted some packing ideas!  I always love to hear from readers and packing lists are some of my favorite posts to pull together.  So it's a win-win!

I had a lot of fun pulling together this Hawaii packing list.  I focused on easy breezy pieces with an island feel.  I included plenty of casual pieces for day trips, excursions or exploring alongside dressier pieces for dinners and romantic evenings around the island.  There are so many great pieces here... with summer on the horizon I think I may have to snag a few of these pieces for myself even though a tropical vacation isn't on my horizon.  Is a tropical trip in your summer travel plans!?!  Or is it "tropical" enough where you live all summer (hello heat and humidity!)?

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