Thursday, July 23, 2015

handbag basics...

A good handbag or purse can really pull an outfit together - we all know that, right!?! There is something that carrying a gorgeous handbag does both to an outfit and to the gal wearing it.  It feels great to carry a beautiful bag. There is no doubt about that.

About three years ago I made a promise to myself to start investing in quality handbags from there on out.  A gorgeous handbag isn't always an easy acquisition. If you are on a budget you really have to shop the sales and be mindful about your purchase.  But I honestly believe it is one of the best investments you can make for your wardrobe.  Once you own a beautiful leather bag that is butter soft and looks and feels luxurious, you will know you can never go back!  Not to mention that a high quality leather bag will last nearly forever.  So it's an investment that definitely pays off.   Especially when you stick to classic colors and shapes that live through the trends.

These are a few of my favorites styles that I rely heavily upon in my wardrobe. I don't own a ton of handbags but the ones I do own I absolutely LOVE.

tote bag: left | right
black satchel: left (on sale!) right (on sale!)
cream satchel: left (on sale!) | right (on sale!)
black cross-body bag: left | right (on sale!)
bucket bag: left (on sale!) | right
burgundy cross-body: left (on sale!) | right (on sale!)
camel satchel: left (on sale!) | right (on sale!)

What is your favorite handbag style? Do you believe in investing in quality handbags too?
(on another note… I have a girlfriend that got one of these and says she'll never carry another bag besides it - do you agree?)

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