Wednesday, January 28, 2015

style resolutions 2015!

This year I wasn't really going to make any "resolutions" personal, business or otherwise. I just had this feeling that I wanted to let the year play out as it will… trying to rock out everything I do and not really over-focusing on a few things.

But then I realized I had made a few shopping wish lists and was thinking a lot about how I wanted my wardrobe to shake out for the year.  Before I knew it I was making a few 'style resolutions' for the year.

For 2015 my style resolutions are to be relaxed-preppy-french chic-Jill.  I realize that the looks that I am drawn to on Pinterest and blogs aren't always what I am actually buying and wearing. So I want those to start matching up better.   Simple basics, classic accessories, great shoes and rockin' handbags.  In order to achieve all this with my wardrobe for 2015… here are my 2015 style resolutions:

1. Re-invest in wardrobe staples.
Confession: sometimes I buy cheap/inexpensively and regret it.
For instance, I have a pair of black jeans and black flats that I just LOVE to style up, but I bought cheap versions and they don't fit as well as they should or feel as good on as they should.  There are a few pieces in my wardrobe that I am going to have to re-invest in.  That is: donate/sell the cheaper option and buy a really awesome version that I can love more and for longer.  In my mind I am having a hard time overcoming this - I would love to know your thoughts. Worth re-investing? Totally makes sense? You think I am crazy?  Currently I've got my eye on a super quality pair of black jeans and black pointy flats. The pairs I own right now I *like*  but don't *love*. Even though I love to wear them, does that make sense?
This also applies to worn out but still loved pieces… my absolute favorite striped shirt is about shot. I bought it about three years ago and wear it a lot - to say the least. No shame in re-upping on a newer and maybe even better striped shirt.

2. Finally take the plunge on wish-list items.
Confession: there are items on my wish-list I keep passing up for cheaper stuff.
For instance, I've been wanting a pair of classic Ray Ban aviators or this Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag for probably at least a year or more. But when it comes to spending the money I shop the sales at J.Crew or whatever is new at Gap.  In my opinion it's time for me to "grow up" a little about this kind of spending.  I need to remember the long term gain of not only owning some you love/love/love but sometimes passing up the *good* for the *great* is the best way to go.

3. Find a handful of signature jewelry pieces.
Confession: I am a little over "statement" pieces and "costume" jewelry.
Don't worry… I'm not ditching the fun and bold pieces forever. I just want a few really gorgeous and simple pieces I can slip on everyday that feel feminine and beautiful and grown up.  So far, this House of Harlow bracelet, this Gorjana necklace and these Kendra Scott earrings are playing the part quite nicely in my wardrobe. However, I would love to add a few more.  These earrings and this bracelet are just what I am talking about.  The jewelry box service RocksBox helped me find most of these pieces so far - I can not recommend them enough.  They send me such beautiful things to try and then if I like them, I keep them, if not, I send them back.  (Use code: JILLBFF4 to get a free month! This is not sponsored, I just really love their service!)

4. Keep building the basics.
Confession: Even after all these years of shopping/blogging/finding my personal style there are still holes in my wardrobe.
There are still things that I need/want.  I am sure that will always be the case, but it's a good reminder that there is no rush in building your wardrobe or buying all the things at once.  Right now I would really love a monogrammed tote and a trench coat.  I hope to invest in those this spring.

5. Have fun and don't be afraid to make mistakes!
Confession: Sometimes I over think it all.
At the end of the day, it's just clothes.  Through all this I need to remember to have fun and not to be too serious about the whole thing.  Maybe a few cheap thrills from Forever 21 or Target aren't out of line.  Clothes should still be fun at the end of the day.  Trying new styles or trends can be very invigorating and fun. And if there is something at the end of the year or the month that I regret… well, hopefully I will learn a small lesson from a bad purchase and somehow find someone else to love that piece by either donating or selling it.

Do you have any style resolutions for 2015? 

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