Monday, December 1, 2014

the damage - november!

At the end of each month this year I am planning to pause to take a look at my spending as it's related to my closet. I call these posts "the damage." Each month my target budget is $300 and only 5 pieces of clothing or shoes. I haven't even really tried to keep to the 5 pieces lately… it just wasn't working for me. This "goal" will for sure be revised for 2015.

For some this budget may sound like a lot and for others it may not... for me personally this is my monthly goal. It works for my budget and lifestyle and doesn't break the bank. Shopping budgets are a personal thing, but I share mine here to show how I stretch my budget and work to create a well curated and fully stocked closet.

 Let's take a look at the pieces I purchased this month…

Gap, Chevron Knit Funnel Neck Sweater, $59.95 with discount $27.00
Banana Republic, Fit & Flare Dress, $130 with discount $78.00
Gap, Fair Isle Sweater, $49.95 with discount $29.97
Banana Republic, Cable Knit Tunic Sweater, $98 with discount $49
Banana Republic, Chunky Ribbed Infinity Scarf, $69.50 with discount $41.70
Sole Society, Bow Pumps, $69.95

Total Spent: $295.62 (saved $181.73)

Thoughts on the budget:
While the pieces I bought aren't super exciting… I was on budget! It always feels good to get to the end of the month and know that I didn't overspend. I took advantage of as many discounts and promotions that I could - and Gap and Banana Republic always deliver in that category.  Surprisingly I didn't shop Black Friday this year (at least for myself!)… but there are plenty more deals to be had!

Thoughts on the pieces:
I needed a new dress for winter events and this one with sleeves was perfect! I've already worn it twice - I love it and I was so pleased to find a dress with sleeves.  I know I will wear this ton over the coming years.  Otherwise I just stocked up on a few new sweaters for winter.  Not my most exciting month of shopping, but November and December are mostly focused on buying gifts for others! :)

What good buys did you have this month?

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