Thursday, August 21, 2014

fall must haves 2014: high-rise jeans!

Every fall I take some time to outline some of the trends I am most looking forward to wearing this season… new styles and trends are everywhere from the runways, to the magazines, to your favorite stores these days. But with this series here on the blog I really try to break it down into truly wearable trends, those that you will feel comfortable and confident in.  And also trends that hopefully will stand the test of time - or at least more than one season.  I really want to seek out the pieces that you will love wearing (and wearing, and wearing).

So when you first read "high-rise jeans" you were all probably like "what is she thinking!?!?".  But bear with me here!  I promise these babies are worth trying.  High- or even mid-rise jeans are making a comeback and they really are worth checking out.  The number one reason? Usually our waist is the smallest part of our torso… and along the past few years the waist has been completely forgotten amidst low rise jeans.  What a shame! It's time to bring the waist back.  And the best news about high- and mid-rise jeans is that they virtually BANISH the muffin top and can really suck in the lower belly portion of our body that after having kids can be a really trouble area.  Low-rise jeans can just let all that junk hang out sometimes… so why not switch up?  Don't just take my word for it… head on out to the fitting rooms and give them a try this fall!

Here are my top picks for the high-rise jean this fall…
above: one, two, three, four, five, six

So what do you think… will you maybe give this trend a try? 

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