Tuesday, February 25, 2014

my everyday style: casual Saturday!

There is something about the casual-ness of a Saturday that is supreme to say a casual Friday or an I-don't-care-Monday (I made that up, but confess, you totally have those Monday's too).  Casual Saturday style says I-care-but-I-don't-but-I-do.  You know? And best of all I usually like to wear my "favorites" on Saturday because what goes best with the best day of the week? Your favorite sweater and pants. Of, course!  I wore this outfit last Saturday and it was equal parts perfect for running around with the family and for lounging. All that a Saturday requires. (for a great outtake of this photo shoot check out this funny Instagram shot!)

I finally caved and bought the Pixie pants, I know… it's almost a non-event at this point because I've been talking about them so long.  But I pulled the trigger (had to have them tailored for my short legs unfortunately) and after wearing them for a full day realized I don't think I want to ever take them off again.  So these are my new Saturday pants (and maybe Monday and Tuesday…. well, you get the picture).

Coat, J.Crew Factory (similar)
Sweater, H&M - ℅ (similar)
Scarf, H&M (similar)
Pixie Pants, J.Crew
Boots, Sole Society
Sunglasses, Ray Ban

see you around...

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