Friday, December 13, 2013

warm weekend wear.

The weekend is upon us ladies!  And if your weekend is looking like my weekend then it's packed solid with to-do lists and engagements.  December is usually that way.  But I am always sure to take a little down time when I can and if you can balance it all right, there should be some go-go-go time in December and some time to lay low, snuggle up with loved ones for Christmas movies and endless bowls of popcorn or just gazing at the Christmas tree with a glass of wine.  I hope you find a little down time yourself this weekend... and that you stay plenty warm! (I just realized while writing this post that this is basically my Christmas wish list too... whaddya know?!)

slippers - are you there Santa? it's me Jill!, candle, sweater, pajama bottoms, 'j'adore' necklace, socks, scarf, mug - always filled with tea this time of year!

Make it a great weekend!

see you around...

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