Friday, June 14, 2013

elements of style v.3!

I personally have three simple elements (or tricks!) to a simple but beautiful outfit.  I call them them my 'elements of style'.  They are something casual, something neutral and something dressy.  These three elements combined are my fail-safe for outfits that are easy to put together and that look and feel feminine and relaxed.

Lately the day time temps are nice and warm, but the evenings are still a little cool (in my opinion that makes for a perfect summer day!)... so for evenings I like to shed my shorts, bathing suit and tanks for a comfortable pair of jeans, a great pair of shoes and a light-weight summer sweater.  It's perfect for catching an evening ball game or dining al fresco with friends.

I hope you have a stylish and enjoyable weekend... enjoy this simple look! I plan to recreate it myself this weekend!

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