Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's play ball!

Hey there! Just popping in on a Sunday morning... we are having the most beautiful spring weekend... the sun is shining and the temps are absolutely perfect!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well! It's only half over, so get out there and soak it up!

Later this afternoon we are heading to the baseball stadium for an afternoon of hotdogs and home runs (hopefully for the home team!). I can't wait to hang with my family and have some good old fashioned fun!  This would be my dream outfit for the baseball game today... so cute, right?!?! Unfortunately I think it will be TOO HOT for closed toe shoes and a long sleeve top (I know, Michigan really got it's act together with spring!)... I'm looking at a tank and shorts probably.  But it's fun to dream!

Do you love going to baseball games in the summer? We usually only go once, but it's always a blast!

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