Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4 inspiring nail colors for this summer!

Painting my fingernails & toenails is one of my favorite girly-girl things to do.  I love snatching up this season's must have colors, I love setting aside the time to crank some music in my bathroom and get down to business painting them and once they are painted I love to see how the nail colors play off the clothes that I am wearing for the days that follow.

I am a die-hard Essie fan. In my opinion the bottle of nail polish is well worth the money at $8 a pop.  I do two coats (usually one quite thick and the next thing) on rather short nails (this seems to protect from chipping), followed by topcoat and some cuticle oil and it truly is almost as good as the nail salon (especially if you follow up subsequent days with topcoat to keep your nails strong and color protected from chipping).  I can usually get an at home manicure to last 4 - 5 days with this method, pedicures last a few weeks usually.

It's no surprise that the nail colors that I am most inspired by this season mirror the colors that I am loving in my closet lately as well.  Have you tried these colors? Do you have other favorites you love this time of year? Do tell!

A simple nude nail is ultra classic and seems to last forever, those little chips never seem to show and it's the perfect nail color to match with simple summer dresses and minimal accessories, Ballet Slippers is my long time favorite nude color. 

Navy nail polish is unexpectedly refined, especially when paired with classics and a pop (or two!) of color, Bobbing for Baubles is my favorite navy nail color.
(above: jeans - obsessed., scarf, striped top, flats, bag - please & thank you!, earrings, essie's "bobbing for baubles")

Pastel lavender (almost pink!) is the perfect modern neutral for this season's basics like stripes and chambray, Go Ginza is a great pastel color that is very flattering.

And lastly a bold and bright orange sets a saucy tone for summer fun and is the perfect dash of brightness for your summer basics like white jeans, Meet Me At Sunset is my new favorite orange-y nail color.

see you around...

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