Monday, February 4, 2013

my everyday style: red on a winters day!

I've never been a huge red person (except for red jeans, I'm all over those)... but lately I am really drawn to it. It seems to be season-less... (spring, check. summer, check. fall, check. winter, check) and a really classic color.  Plus, it seems to work as a great neutral. It kind of goes with anything.  Neutrals and season-less pieces are definitely my go-to lately. So red is a natural win for me. I sure had a lot of fun wearing this bold blazer.

Are you a fan of red?

Sunglasses, Modern Thick Cat Eye  (
School Boy Blazer, J.Crew (similar)
Scarf, Gap (similar style)
Polka Dot Sweater, Old Navy (similar: it's super cute and under $20!)
Jeans, Gap
Gloves, Target
Boots, BP Nordstrom (similar)

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