Thursday, November 8, 2012

my fall & winter beauty routine!

Over the past few months I have made a few adjustments to my (quite simple) beauty regime and have finally (hopefully for forever!) said good-bye to the adult acne I had been dealing with for a few years. I've found a system and a plan that really works for me (without meds - I said goodbye to those too!) and I thought I would share some the experiences I have had and what has really been working for me lately.

scrub: this scrub is easy to use and offers my face a fresh start for the day.  I've found that exfoliation helps avoid breakouts before they begin.
pamper: you know I love "Yes To" products, this eye gel is simple and pampering.  Also, by Yes To, I use THIS the minute a blemish starts forming and - bam - it's gone.
renew*: instead of the harsh retinoid I used to use (by prescription), I switched to this and love it. It's not cheap, but only a dab goes a long way
hydrate*: I've mentioned this before, but two drops of this and my skin feels like I am a kid again, so soft and smooth.

clean: I've found this cleanser to be the best at leaving my skin clean feeling and looking and I believe that my breakouts STOPPED when I started this.
pamper: again at night I use this to make sure my eye area stays moisturized to avoid wrinkles.
renew*: again at night I use this to make sure my skin is renewing itself while I sleep.
protect: this thick moisturizer may seem like the exact opposite of what problem skin needs, but I've found it moisturizes amazingly without feeling greasy and protects my skin against future breakouts with tea tree oil (this product is in place of a dermatologist subscribed antibiotic gel I was using).

above: I'm a simpleton with makeup. Just a dab will do!
glow: the perfect all over glow
pretty: this blush is the perfect fresh face look for winter
line: a smudgy almost liquid-but-not eyeliner. I love this stuff.
curl: I don't leave the house without curling my eyelashes. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
plump: this stuff is so inexpensive and SO good.

*Some of these products are NOT inexpensive, but usually the more they cost, the less you need to use at one time.  Visiting the dermatologist is a pain and I've found the products they subscribe to be harsh and not calming or soothing to my skin. Plus you have to pay to see the doctor (for me a $20 co-pay) and pay the co-pay for the Rx.  By the time you are done with all that and waiting in the doctor's lobby for an hour reading old magazines... investing in great skin care doesn't sound that expensive. Right?!

Also! keep in mind that Birchbox is a great and inexpensive way to try new products!

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