Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Shoes! {the 'wants' and the 'needs'!}

Just the other day I was organizing all my shoes (what you don't do that for fun!?!) and made a mental note of what shoes will work as the temps cool.  Right now our temperatures are about 40 or 50 degrees in the morning then warming to the 60 or 70 degree range for the afternoon.  Flats will work for a month or maybe longer - as with pumps or any other shoe that I don't usually wear with a pair of socks.  But once mid-November and December hit I'm going to need to make sure that I have plenty of warm shoes to keep my feet dry, warm and of course, stylish!

If you are prepping for winter like me... here are my thoughts on the NEEDS and the WANTS in the shoe department.  There are a few styles that you definitely want to invest in for your closet for this season and seasons to come (those are the 'needs')... after that, have some fun mixing in some styles that are a little more trendy and outside of the box.

*all these picks are UNDER $100*

These will keep you warm and dry, on especially cold days they are great with knee high socks. or pair them with your favorite skirt or dress to keep your legs warm!

Perfect with wide leg jeans or skinnies these will also keep your feel warm and should be easy to wear with socks.

Perfect for weekends and warmer afternoons, a pop of color goes a long way in your closet! 

An absolute must, they go with everything and can be dressed up on the weekends for nights out or days at the office.

Metallics of any kind are great to have in your closet... these are the perfect balance of classic and modern.

Snag these (UNDER $25!) in the hottest colors of the season for a fun trendy piece in your closet

Hunters are the benchmark, but any wellie will do... when rain and snow are unforgiving pop these on to save your shoes from harsh conditions.

I'm obsessed with navy pumps and these pumps specifically.  Classic and so very, very pretty these will make any outfit special!

What are your MUST HAVE shoes for the colder seasons?

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Kristen said...

All my wants are needs in my opinion! I need a pair of brown riding boots!


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