Thursday, August 30, 2012

summer staples: back to school edition!

I have really loved putting together these 'summer staples' posts.  Maybe I'll have to re-work it into 'fall staples' now that summer is coming to an end.  Today I have the back to school edition of my summer staples... (the staples are something to sip, something to snack on, something to wear, something to read and something fabulous for my eyes!)

1. These apple/ginger/cranberry cocktails look SO good!  And easy to make... these are only for mom after school! The kids can get regular apple cider...
2. I've been hoarding this pretzel & beer cheese recipe for a while, it seems like the perfect after school snack (the alcohol in the beer probably burns off, right!?!?)
3. Back to school chic! Even if you aren't really heading back to school, you can just pretend. Right? (jeans, blazer, top, flats, bag)
4. What is more appropriate reading for back to school than The Book Thief? Loved this book and would love to read it again.
5. My personal favorite four-eyes accessory.  The Preston in Gimlet by Warby Parker.  I own this exact pair and LOVE them!

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