Monday, August 27, 2012

my outfit: style evolution!

I feel like my style is evolving, especially lately.  And to say that your style has evolved over a four year period is a natural thing.  But when your style is evolving over four years as displayed on a blog, it seems... well, almost a little awkward.  But the fact is, today I am four years older than I was when I started this blog.  I am a different person.  I've realized that over the past four years I have been a 'student' of style through my blog.  Daily I am able to experiment with style, in general, and my personal style, more specifically.

This fall my personal style is more simple and more classic than it has been in years past.  I gravitate towards preppy looks with two or three main components instead of oodles of layers and accessories. Often as a blogger I feel like I need to add that 'certain something' to make a look complete.  This season, I feel like my looks are complete when they are organic and not over styled, almost minimalist.  For example, last year I would have added a bracelet or earrings to this look... this season, I don't think I will.

And these days I seem to feel more 'at home' in my clothes and my skin than ever before. Plus, simple is never "bad"... I happen to love this quote.

Top, Gap
Jeans, Gap (my new favorite!!!)
Belt, Gap
Shoes, Chromatic Gallerie (c/o) - can't say enough good things! so comfortable and amazing color selection! I chose navy!
Bag, Tillary Tote J.Crew


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