Friday, June 22, 2012

shop by price: $50 & under!

This week I am indulging in a little time away from the blog... so I have pre-written a fabulous week of price-point shopping....  we'll be counting down from indulgence to budget friendly all week long!  Fabulosity at every price is what it will be!  And be sure to stick around all week until we hit your hot spot...


Come and get them! These pieces are super budget friendly and super cute... so why not stock up on some of these fun pieces while the weather is perfect for them!  With bright colors and bold patterns... you can't go wrong!  And I just got the sunglasses featured and they are SO adorable... and at an amazing price... be sure to check them out!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun 'shop by price' week... I'll be back to regularly scheduled posts next week!  If you want a review of all the 'shop by price' posts... click here!

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