Thursday, June 7, 2012

my outfit: red jeans (old news!)

Yes, I know... red jeans are like SO 10 minutes ago.  But I got these because I loved the same exact pair in mint and because I love my red trousers that I bought last year but I have also discussed that I am not good at wearing trousers.  SO... here it goes: I officially DO NOT care if red jeans are out of style now (as opposed to 10 minutes ago).  I love them.

Also, remember that time when I was super tired and I shouldn't have been taking outfit photos but I did any way? Oh, yeah right... that was like today.  These pictures actually.  Hello! Tired eyes! Also, if you happen to run into me IRL... this is more likely what I will probably look like. (you have been warned!)

Also, speaking of tired.  I am a naturally tired person (if that exists, I just coined that term myself)... I could take a nap at any given moment and I hate getting out of bed each morning (I thought when I was an "adult" I would just naturally pop out of bed in the morning. That SO does not happen).  I also know that when I am not tired (and even sometimes when I am) I run at 150% percent or more, busy is my middle name (after "nap" of course).  So I never know if this is normal or what.   I finally got the guts to mention it to my doctor... he was all "well you're a busy mom". And I was like "yes, I am, but I have also been tired for like 8 years" (coincidentally the LENGTH of time I have been a mom).  So he asked if I was just tired or "sluggish".  Um, both!?!?  How do you answer that question?  Any way, I got even more guts and got myself a blood test.  Results pending.

Also, I have tried cutting gluten out... some people say that a veil lifted off their world when they did that. I will say there was no "veil" moment for me (bummer).  But I am still kind of on and off with gluten in general.  I don't think it affects my "tiredness" one way or another.

Are you tired? Sluggish? A busy mom?  All three like me?  Is this too personal!?!?

Top, Target
Jeans, Target
Shoes, Nine West
Earrings, Mimi's the Look (c/o)


Sarah Lenhart said...

I'm totally a tired mom. But that's partially my fault b/c I stay up too late (I'm naturally a night owl) and have a five-month-old who still likes to wake up and eat every few hours at night.

I love your colored jeans! I might have to finally hop aboard the colored jeans trend one of these days. And I do love a good excuse to go to Target. :)

Stephanie said...

I didn't know red pants were out now?! I have three pairs. I'll just continue to wear as well!:)


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